Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blush: How to Choose the right blush color
Blush when used correctly, adds a natural glow to our skin and helps to contour.  However, with the variety of blush available on the market, finding the colour that compliments your skin tone may be a tricky task.    
To choose the right blush, you must first know what kind of skin tone you belong to.
Skin tones are typically group into: Fair Skin, Beige, Tawny, Dark

Top left and middle Photo: Flickr Osei (Ozzy) Top right photo credit: Flickr Sara Cimino Bottom left Picture credit: Flickr Killer 155 Bottom right:
Picture Credit: Flickr Pamhule

Recommended colours for different skin tones

Fair Skin 
Fair Skin: with warm undertone  
Recommended Blush Colour:                                                                        

Peach Shade
Sephora-Smashbox- Peachy pink
Sephora-NARS - Orgasm,Super Orgasm

 Fair Skin : With cool undertone
 Recommended Blush Colour:

 Pink Shade


Beige Skin

Recommended Blush Colour
Coral Shade
Sephora- Tarte -Tipsy,Charisma

Tawny Skin
 Recommended Blush Colour :

 Rose Shade


 Sephora- Tarte - Glisten, Frisky

Dark Skin
Recommended Blush Colour :
Tangerine Shade

Sephora-Illamasqua- vibrant reddish Orange
Tip: Couple with bronzing powder for extra shine

Hope this guide helps you in getting the perfect shade to enhance your beauty.

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