Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Foods that Cleanse your Liver

First of all, Happy New Year to Everyone ! 

For those that do not know, Chinese New Year falls on Jan 10 and 11. This is a major festival for chinese in particular. Similar to Christmas, the concept encompasses family gathering with spread of good food.
I believe most people had indulged in loads of oily food and alcohol over past two days. Afterall its an Annual festival right ?

However, it is important to know that overeating can cause our liver to become overworked. When this happens, our liver cannot process fats and toxins in an efficient way. 

Today's post is about Foods that cleanse our liver and detox toxic waste from our body.

  1. Garlic Supplement- Garlic are high in allicin and selenium which are the components that are essential for liver cleansing. It also reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure and prevents hardening of arteries.
  2. Green Tea- High in catechins, a property that is useful in boosting liver function. 
  3. Lemon- High content of Vitamin C helps breaks down toxic materials into contents that can be absorbed by body.
  4. Beets- High content of beta carotene helps to stimulate liver function
  5. Omega 3 Oil- This oil helps to lubricate intestinal walls which allows the toxins to be absorbed by the fats and excreted from the body.

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