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Benefits of drinking soya milk

Soya milk are made from soaking, grinding and boiling of soy beans with water.
It has high level of dietary fiber, protein and Vitamin B6 which is responsible for building of amino acids.
Apart from its large number of nutrients, it also has many health care benefits. 

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So why should we drink soya milk?


Benefits of soy

One of the main benefits of Soy bean is its' high level of Isoflavones. 

High level of isoflavones

  1. Reduce risk of coronary heart disease
  2. Supplements estrogens for women to prevent uterus cancer and breast cancer
  3. Reduce occurence of Menopause symptoms- During Menopause, woman's estrogen level drops exposing them to higher risk of heart disease and obesity. Isoflavones in soya milk is an effective estrogen replacement.  
  4. Slows down skin aging 
  5. Reduce blood fat- plant sterols in soy reduce absorption of cholesterol

Other benefits of Soy are as follows:

  1. Lower risk of osteoporosis- Soya is high in vegetable protein, phospholipids, vitamin B1,B2,B6 and nicotinic acid. High content of mineral substances like iron and calcium also lowers risk of osteoporosis: Bone loss.
  2. Reduce High Blood Pressure- High level of potassium helps reduce High blood pressure as high blood pressure is due to excess intake of sodium and insufficient intake of potassium.
  3. Skin whitening- oleic acid in Soya bean prevents synthesis of melanin in skin cells.
  4. Promotes weight loss- It has lesser sugar than regular milk.
Points to take note when drinking Soya milk
  • Soya milk must be boiled under high temperature of 100 degree celsius. Do not drink uncooked soya milk as they contain toxic substances that may lead to protein metabolism disorder and poisoning.  
  •  Do not leave soy milk unrefrigerated- Unrefrigerated hours lower life span of soy milk. Every hour unrefrigerated equates to one day off the life expectancy. 

How many cups of Soya milk should I drink in a day ?
  • cup of soya milk in a day is sufficient 

Controversial with Soya Milk

There are however controversial with fermented and non fermented soy proteins. While some sees soy as a wonder food, there are opponents of soy who believe soy is toxin food. Non fermented soy proteins- Soy milk, ice cream are claimed to contain goitrogens which slows down the function of thyroid in body which increases risk of thyroid cancer. 

On the other hand, Fermented soy is claimed to be good as the fermentation process removes the trypsin inhibitors on the coating of soy, which obstructs the absorption of nutritive compounds. Research claimed that fermented soy products like natto, tempeh, miso, fermented soy milk and soy sauces have also helped in reducing risks of cancer. 
various doctors have also expressed their views on Soy bean.

Despite the controversial with soy bean, I still believe that Soya Milk does has a certain number of benefits and when taken in moderate amount.

What are your views on soy?

Feel free to share them ! 

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