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It is probably nothing new to know that sugar is bad for you. However, what we not know is that not all sugar needs to be avoided. 

Sugar exists in two forms- Intrinsic and Extrinsic


Intrinsic sugar - Natural sugars that are found in fruits or vegetables.  
Common intrinsic sugars are : glucose, fructose, lactose and sucrose 
They reside in the cell structures and are coupled with loads of vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy body functioning. 
Simply put, they are the good sugar and can be eaten in small quantities every day. 

Extrinsic sugar- Processed/refined sugars are sugars not contained in cell structures and are added to food. Examples of extrinsic sugar : White sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners 
These are bad sugars that has no nutrients and instead are metabolised and accumulated as fat. 

Negative impacts of consuming large quantities of Refined sugar

  • Sucrose, in its refined form when consumed is broken down by the body into glucose and other simple sugars which are then used for energy production. In small quantity, it does not pose any issues. However, in large quantities, sudden shock of sugar intake will cause an imbalance in blood sugar levels. 
  • Refined sugar drains body off essential vitamins and minerals in attempt to restore the balance. In attempt to protect the blood, calcium are extracted from bones and teeth which eventually caused teeth decay and general weakening.
  • Insulin is a hormone used to regulate blood sugar levels. When sugar levels rises too high within a short period, insulin will be released in large quantities to bring the sugar levels to equilibrium. A sudden increase in energy follow by a sudden drop in energy will cause a strain on the pancreas which eventually cause insulin production to become inconsistent which leads to diabetes. 
  • Sugar can be a contributing factor to cancer. Metabolism of malignant tumors depends greatly on glucose consumption. Research had shown that body with presence of high sugar level were less susceptible to chemotherapy. Reducing amount of refined sugar and white flour could effectively help our body fight cancer.
  • Diet high in refined sugar also caused dull and blemished skin.      

Examples of Refined sugar products:

Ice tea/coffee with sugar, ice cream, chocolates, sweets, biscuits,cakes, sodas, white bread

Ways to replace and reduce refined sugar intake

  • Instead of ice tea/milk tea/coffee/Sodas, Drink Green Tea.
  • Replace cakes/ ice cream desserts with fresh fruits
  • Have Multi grain bread instead of white bread
  • Use natural substitutes for sugar : Honey, Xylitol,Dark chocolate

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